Terms & Conditions


Terms are payment before production or before shipping. Payments over EURO 2000 are strictly done only by bank transfer because credit card fees are expensive on high amounts.
Production time normally 1-2 weeks for essences, yeast and instruments is normally in stock. Large yeast orders from 1000 kg is normally produced, production time 3-4 weeks.

VAT charge inside European Common market

Private hobbyists and companies within European Common market that do not have a valid VAT registration have to pay Swedish VAT on top of prices. VAT is 12% for "food" (yeast, ingredients) and 25% for non food (instruments). All countries outside the European Common market is free from VAT, also private hobbyists.

Prices and Currency

Prices are fixed with Swedish currency SEK. Other currencies available are adjusted automatically from SEK. Please note that your Credit Card account or PayPal account will be billed with the currency you select on checkout.

If shipment should be made to country outside of EU we cannot anticipate what duties that may be charged. Your country’s customs department should be able to give you information about possible extra charges that you will have to pay to receive your goods.

Minimum Order Sum

Minimum purchase from Distillery-Yeast.com is 300 SEK excluding shipping cost.
Smaller orders will not be able to check out.

Payment Information

All payments are handled by our payment provider PayPal or Credit Card - VISA or MasterCard through Swedish Pay&Read (Payer) on encrypted, secured and certified servers. Only customer information and purchase information are stored on our servers in a restricted area. Payment information is not stored because of customer security and safety reasons. You can pay using any major credit cards via PayPal or Pay&Read.

Bank transfer accounts

Jagersrovagen 160
SE-205 20 Malmo

SEK (Swedish Kronor) Account
IBAN: SE7450000000055121003595

EURO Account
IBAN: SE4250000000059378223494

USD (USA dollar) account
IBAN: SE9150000000055018241101

Use Order Number from Distillery-Yeast.com confirmation mail as payment reference.

Hobby distillers are also welcome with orders at this site, but there might be easier options. The Turbo Yeast is sold in consumer sachets under the name "Black Label Turbo" at www.partyman.se as well as at Allfreightfree.com, so are essences in consumer size packing's.


We do no longer send free samples. Please order small quantities to test. When it moves to a real order, we will deduct sample cost from invoice.

About Us

Distillery-Yeast.com belongs to Corporate - Gert Strand AB. Company resides in Sweden and all products ordered from this shop are shipped directly from us.

Privacy Statement

It is our policy to keep the names of our clients and everything about their purchases strictly confidential. We do this even without a written agreement. We do not share or sell customers information to other companies.

All of our staff have signed a declaration to keep all non-public details confidential.

Information regarding customer and purchase are stored on our servers in a restricted area for easier purchases in the future. We do not store Credit Card purchase information for customers safety reason. All CC payments are made on PayPal or Swedish Pay&Read certified, secured and encrypted servers. We only have access to cards holder name to prevent fraud purchases.

Customer Support

We have noticed that e-mails disappear in both directions. We have received various complaints from customers not receiving e-mails from us regarding questions e-mailed to us. This is due spam filters on both sides not allowing certain type of e-mails to pass. That is why our support now only takes place Online.

You can place a ticket in our Helpdesk at anytime and our support staff members will reply it as soon as possible. You can choose to obtain support from different departments and view your placed tickets and replies by logging onto the Helpdesk.