Essence 25L and above

Essences are produced after order, production time normally a week for orders under 100 liter. Minimum order 15 liter essence. Because essence are heavier then water, to ship by post we recommend 15 liter orders. With packing weight will be slightly under the maximum weight 20 kg. Larger essence orders ships in 25 liter containers. There is 6 Essence containers in a layer on a mini palette (60 X 80 cm) and 12 per layer on a Europe palette (120 X 80 cm). First layer is 65 cm in height, following layers 50 cm. Essences are not ethanol based so they are not fire hazardous and can be shipped to the lowest freight cost. Dear Customers of U.S.A. please read our Shipping Information before making a purchase otherwise your order might be considered invalid.
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