Absint Pro essens 1 Liter

Absinthe Pro Essence 1000 ml This is the same product we sell to distilleries but in consumer size friendly packing. Our white Absinthe have loughe fenomen. It's all natural with all ingredients and herbs. It's an advantage to mix with stronger spirit, 45-70% alcohol. 20 ml Absinthe Essence to 750 ml spirit. 1000 ml Absinthe essence to mix 50 bottles (750 ml) absinthe. Thujone content 35mg/l when mixed.
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Absint Pro 1000 ml. 20 ml essens till 750 ml sprit. Räcker till 50 flaskor (75 cl). Proffsprodukt vi säljer till destillerier, här i konsumentvänlig förpackning.